About us

Our story starts like that of many entrepreneurs.

In the year 1972, our Grand father started the wholesale fireworks business. We felt trapped at same store and places that limited customer reaches, and we aren't able to cater people of various demographics very well. You could say that each of us had somewhat of a "fulfillment" crises. When you're struggling to find fulfillment at your business, the options for selling can sometimes feel limiting (the fireworks market  isn't always so open to sellers going from, say, other business, to Fireworks). 

How'd we get here?

In 2015, we first started working on an e-Commerce concept with a few friends. That concept led to learning WWW.PTCCRACKERS.COM (there's that aforementioned necessity), tweaking items to find the right fit, installing and configuring apps, and all the other little components that go along with launching a shop. That concept didn't work out, but the experience opened the door for this current  e-Commerce web design. Customers started to appear and the team expanded. Over the past two years our little team has assisted in best shopping experience for several online customers from several states.

And here we are. Simple, right?